Caroline's Cottage Cottons (2015)


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  We are grateful for you, and cannot thank you enough for your being our customers, friends, and so much more.  We truly celebrate Thanksgiving at our household, and will be closed on Wednesday, November  25 thru Saturday, November 28th.  Yes, our families truly love this Holiday!

Welcome to the Cottage.

Our cottage was opened in October of 2007.  She was born in 1870 and is a historic home of note.  The Cottage is constructed of Georgia brick and hand, hewed, native, oak.  Each room in the shop has a different flavor.  You will enter the Cannon Room where you will be greeted by either Caroline or one of her employees.  Often, in the Cannon Room, you will see new fabrics and special items of interest.  In the Parlor Room, the largest room in the Cottage, you will find hundreds of bolts of Civil War Reproduction fabrics, blenders, wide backs, and so much more.  The dining room is named Grandma Ina, Grandma Mae's room, named after both of Caroline's grandmothers.  In this room you will find 1920's, 1930's fabrics, batiks, children's fabrics, and sale fabric.  Emily's Room is where all of the wools are located for Penny Rugs.  This room also houses all of the homespuns as well as black and green fabrics that are not in other collections. 

We appreciate all kinds of sewing and especially handwork.  I and my staff love to answer questions about quilting and will help you, to the best of our ability, with all of your needs.  We cannot wait for you to pay us a visit!